Futuristic Banking - SA? we have a long way to go

Citi Bank New York Branch is Digitally in Tune With Customers

Having completed an internship for Standard Bankand consulted for Absa bank, We all know how much the banking system in South Africa needs improvement. Endless ques, inefficient customer service by consultants who have no formal education and lack of training.

Really enjoyed this article below, as the future of our society is going digital. Why have none of the South African banks implemented anything of this sort. FNB stands for innovation solutions and are undoubtedly the most innovative bank digitally compared to absa, nedbank, standard bank. However the banking system still needs work to improve an inside in approach(customer solutions 1st). I mean banks close at 3.30pm. Seriously??? Maybe its up to a small medium business such as The Trump Card to propose and implement sufficient services for the banking world. After all, everything is going Digital these days. I think im onto something. A new innovative system for all banks in South Africa. Watch out South Africa, The Trump Card is coming!

I almost forgot to mention Capitec Bank which is the new comer to the group and is the most growing brand in South Africa according to innovation in banking, however i still feel they have a long way to go to catch up to the big4.

The new banking branch of Citibank New York is the flagship branch and the most innovative in state-of-the-art technologies.

Interactive touchscreens instead of paper brochures, a 24/7 video chat station to interact with customer service reps and ATMs that can take checks without deposit envelopes are some of the digital components of this futuristic bank. What is also exciting is Citibank New York’s free Wi-Fi, digital display walls for news updates and a social screen of the Foursquare feed to show users checked in at its location.

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